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About Us

We are devoted exclusively to exotic pets.

Santa Cruz’s First Exotic Pet Hospital

The Exotic Pet Clinic is Santa Cruz’s first veterinary hospital devoted exclusively to exotic pets. Animals like rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, hedgehogs, and ferrets have unique needs, and we specialize in meeting those needs. Our highly trained staff provides our patients with advanced medical, surgical, and wellness services. Our customized facility offers exotic pets a peaceful and calm environment free from dogs and cats.

Hospital Features

  • In-house diagnostic capabilities including complete blood counts, chemistry panels, cytology, fecal analysis, and ultrasound.
  • A high-frequency digital xray machine for taking excellent radiographs of smaller pets.
  • Radiosurgery, a technology that causes less damage to tissues than laser or electrocautery.
  • Specialized monitoring equipment to make anesthetic procedures as safe as possible.
  • Surgical tools and techniques designed specifically for exotic pets.
  • Dental care for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rats.
  • A pharmacy stocked with the medications exotic pets need.
  • High-quality foods and supplies for your special pet.
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